When you choose Pluscamp, you support the local and the distinctive. We are not like other campsites - we are a melting pot of wonderful people, located in Norway's most spectacular places.

The Solution

Collaboratively, we've worked to enhance Pluscamp's digital presence and sales potential, achieving key milestones:

We created a visually appealing and user-friendly website that has attracted more guests and boosted bookings.

The introduction of a modern Multiproperty booking page streamlined availability information, resulting in increased conversion rates.

By developing unique websites and booking pages for each facility within Pluscamp, we've strengthened their individual brand identities and personalized the guest experience.

These initiatives have not only improved Pluscamp's digital presence but also optimized their sales channels, providing guests with a more appealing and efficient booking experience and enhancing Pluscamp's competitive edge in the industry.

  • Central Reservation System
  • Webpage
  • Booking Engine
  • Channel Manager