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BookVisit enables flexible campsite spot sales and packages with add-ons, helping you stand out from OTAs, extend your season, and reduce commission costs.

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We give you a world class Booking Engine

Whether you wish to sell campsite spots by category or as individual units, BookVisit helps you present it in the best way possible. In addition, the tool assists you in combining accommodation bookings with add-ons, and you have the opportunity to package offers.

Easy to use, cloud-based, and an awesome support team to guide you all the way. Meet the commerce platform that has become a must-have in the industry.  

  • Booking Engine 
  • Channel Manager
  • Connectivity Hub 
  • Front Desk 

Discover a world class platform

Your number one Sales tool

Drive up sales by offering your guests personalized packages, offers, and add-ons. On average, our customers had an increase in online sales of 65%.

With easy-to-use Revenue Management and Channel Manager, you can adapt to the market and attract more direct bookings at optimal rates, in real-time.

The ultimate control center

BookVisit is the heart of your daily operations and has become a “must-have” for the hospitality industry. Manage every part of your business in one place and integrate the technology you need. Having a guest-centric, user-friendly system is an investment worth doing.

Customized to fit your business

Did you know that 8 out of 10 who book via OTAs visit the hotel’s website?

We help you get them to stay there, and book there. Create the ultimate booking experience with seamless integration between BookVisit and your website. Display all your offers and increase conversion rates with a booking engine customized to fit your brand.

At your service

Communicate with your guests

The modern guest is in need of a personalized experience

  • Create secret URLs for promotional purposes and keep track of reports with the Google Analytics connection.
  • Promote your property on TripAdvisor and Google Hotel Price Ads. With BookVisit you can be displayed in Google´s ads network for accommodation providers, like Google, Google Maps, and Google Hotel Finder.
  • Automated post-stay e-mail can be a powerful tool for engagement, particularly when it comes to leaving reviews.
  • With BookVisits’ Reputation Management module, you can easily manage reviews from all external channels and keep track of your competitors, on one single dashboard.
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By developing unique websites and booking pages for each facility within Pluscamp, we’ve strengthened their individual brand identities and personalized the guest experience.

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