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Outdoor Resort

Channel Manager - PSP - Gift card module - Conference module

About Eerikkilä

Eerikkilä Sport & Outdoor Resort is located in the heart of the Häme Lakeland, only a 90-minute drive from Helsinki. Surrounded by Finnish nature Eerikkilä offer their guests a variety of outdoor and recreational experiences, a restaurant with healthy local food, premium villas and holiday apartments, as well as sports and training facilities.

The Challenge

Eerikkilä Sport & Outdoor Resort, catering to active holidaymakers and nature lovers, needed an efficient way to manage their diverse offerings, including accommodations, activities, and local experiences. They required a system that could not only manage bookings efficiently but also showcase their different additional services and packages attractively. Additionally, they wanted to enhance customer experience by offering relevant, seasonal services easily during the booking process. The resort further wanted a user-friendly booking system and to be able to style the booking system, so it matched the Eerikkilä brand. 

The Solution

BookVisit was smoothly integrated into Eerikkilä Sport & Outdoor Resort’s system. This upgrade and implementations included several key features: 

From the start of implementation to the live version, BookVisit’s customer support team guided them along the way, ensuring a successful process. 

  • Channel Manager – To effectively manage different booking channels. 
  • PSP – For secure and streamlined payment processing. 
  • Conference Module – To cater to business and conference guests. 
  • Domain name of online booking site A domain name of choice to improve user experience, aid marketing, and streamline campaign management. 
  • Gift Voucher/card module – For offering and managing gift vouchers and cards.

“For a customer booking just accommodation, we can effectively offer additional services that are seasonal or otherwise relevant. If you have any questions, Bookvisit support is always on hand to help quickly with any queries.”

Laura SirenMarketing Manager, Eerikkilä Sport & Outdoor Resort

The Outcome

The implementation of the Bookvisit system proved to be an effective solution for Eerikkilä Sport & Outdoor Resort. BookVisit has facilitated the showcasing of products, packages, and promotional items in a user-friendly manner, which played an important role in developing Eerikkilä’s sales. It enabled the resort to efficiently offer additional, seasonally relevant services to customers booking just accommodation, thereby enhancing the experience for and relevance for guests as well as further maximimizing Eerikkilä’s direct sales. 

Laura Siren, Marketing Manager at Eerikkilä, comments on the impact of the BookVisit implementation: “I don’t have the exact data, but I can say that there has been an increase. I would estimate that online sales have increased by 30%, and this has been supported by the fact that customers nowadays want to book more and more on their own and at any time.” This estimate is backed by customer feedback, which shows that the service is smooth to use, suggesting that the user experience is well-received among guests.

Furthermore, the Bookvisit system’s ability to be styled in accordance with the resort’s brand image helped in maintaining brand consistency.  

This case illustrates how the right technology solution can enhance the business operations and customer experience of a business like Eerikkilä Sport & Outdoor Resort. The system not only addressed the resort’s need for an effective booking management platform, but also played an important role in boosting their business and online sales.

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