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Please choose the category you most identify with and we will tell you more about our awesome solution best suited for your business and it’s future possibilities.


We take your business to the next level.

Hotels & Accommodation

With BookVisit you can manage your online sales, marketing, and distribution. It is designed to help you organize and change things quick and easy when needed. All your online channels can be managed from one place.

Destination Hotel & Resort

If you provide an experience rather than just a bed for the night, BookVisit is the booking platform for your hotel. With BookVisit, your guests can enjoy a customized online booking experience, enabling them to tailor their stay to their unique preferences.

Members & small chains

Manage your multi-property business with one single point of control.  BookVisit makes it easy, with every feature designed to increase efficiency and save you both time and money.


Whether you wish to sell campsite spots by category or as individual units, BookVisit helps you present it in the best way possible. In addition, the tool assists you in combining accommodation bookings with add-ons, and you have the opportunity to package offers.

Vacation rental

Do you own your own cabins, or do you manage them for someone else? Regardless, BookVisit helps you work with online sales. Offer guests a booking experience where they can view available dates and see the accommodation’s location on a map. Leave the manual calendars to technology and manage them efficiently with BookVisit