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With BookVisit you can manage your online sales, marketing, and distribution. It is designed to help you organize and change things quick and easy when needed. All your online channels can be managed from one place.

In the background you can get a glimpse of the fabulous Skepparholmen in Nacka.
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Destination Hotels & Resorts

We give you a world class Booking Engine

If you provide an experience rather than just a bed for the night, BookVisit is the booking platform for your hotel. With BookVisit, your guests can enjoy a customized online booking experience, enabling them to tailor their stay to their unique preferences.

Easy to use, cloud-based, and an awesome support team to guide you all the way. Meet the commerce platform that has become a must-have in the industry.

  • Booking Engine
  • Channel Manager
  • Front Desk

Discover a World-Class Open Commerce platform.

Your number one Sales tool

The ultimate control center

Customized to fit your business

Communicate with your guests

The modern guest is in need of a personalized experience
  • Create secret URLs for promotional purposes and keep track of reports with the Google Analytics connection.
  • Promote your property on TripAdvisor and Google Hotel Price Ads. With BookVisit you can be displayed in Google´s ads network for accommodation providers, like Google, Google Maps, and Google Hotel Finder.
  • Automated post-stay e-mail can be a powerful tool for engagement, particularly when it comes to leaving reviews.
  • With BookVisits’ Reputation Management module, you can easily manage reviews from all external channels and keep track of your competitors, on one single dashboard.
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Skepparholmen Nacka

We chose BookVisit for our online booking system, and it’s been excellent. It’s user-friendly for staff and customers, and their support is great. Ongoing product development is a big plus.

– Klas Fells/ Sales Manager

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