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The European Commission has recently introduced stricter rules for Under the new Digital Markets Act (DMA), is now classified as a “gatekeeper”. This means they must follow specific regulations to ensure fair competition and prevent big companies from misusing their power. This change is good news for both travelers and hotels, as it opens up new opportunities for the hospitality industry.

Benefits for travelers

According to EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, these new rules will benefit travelers by providing more options and potentially lower prices for bookings. With increased competition among booking platforms, travel costs are expected to drop. Additionally, booking directly with hotels can offer even better deals, allowing travelers to avoid extra fees and secure more personalized services.

“Travelers will be able to benefit from better selection and hotels will have more business opportunities”, Margrethe Vestager, EU Comissioner, said in a press release.

Positive changes for hotels & other accommodations 

These new regulations also offer significant advantages for hotels & other property categories. They allow properties to set their own prices and terms, helping them save on commission fees by encouraging direct bookings. Lars Ramme Nielsen from the Danish business organization Danskt Ehrverv believes these changes will help hotels become more profitable and open up new market opportunities.

“The hope is that many travelers choose to book directly with the hotels. This gives the travelers an advantage, in that it becomes cheaper and the hotel can earn more by not having to account for provision”
– Lars Ramme Nielsen, responsible for hotel industry at Danskt Ehreverv

Navigating the new landscape

For hotels looking to navigate this new regulatory landscape, adopting booking and management platforms can be a key strategy to drive more direct bookings. These platforms, such as BookVisit, can help hotels maximize direct sales, streamline operations, offer better deals to guests and stay competitive in the market. 

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