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BookVisit Webinar Miniseries

Get ready for an enriching experience as we announce the official dates for our upcoming webinar miniseries! We are thrilled to invite you to join us on a journey of knowledge and skill enhancement. Whether you’re a newcomer eager to familiarize yourself with BookVisit or a seasoned user aiming to refine your skills, our webinars promise valuable insights. Mark your calendars and prepare for an engaging session with our experts.

Webinar 1: BookVisit Crash Course

On the 21st of November, kick off your learning journey with Lisa Carlsson as she dives into the intricacies of BookVisit. This session is tailored for new employees, individuals unfamiliar with BookVisit, or anyone seeking to polish their skills. Grab a BIG cup of coffee, settle into your seat, and get ready for an enlightening experience. The webinar will be conducted in Swedish to cater to our diverse audience.

To sign up here: Link to webinar

Save the Dates for More Insights: Apart from our initial session, we have two more exciting webinars lined up:

Webinar 2: Are you making the most out of your BookVisit platform?

Join us on the 28th of November for an exploration into maximizing the potential of your BookVisit platform. Discover tips, tricks, and best practices to optimize your experience and take full advantage of what BookVisit has to offer.

Sign up here:  Link to webinar

Webinar 3: Sell separate add-ons and add-on packages

On the 30th of November, learn the art of selling separate add-ons and add-on packages. Explore strategies to enhance your offerings, boost revenue, and provide an exceptional experience for your guests.

Book your spot here: Link to webinar

Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your BookVisit experience through our insightful webinar miniseries. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned user, there’s something valuable for everyone. Secure your spot by signing up for the webinars and stay tuned for a series of engaging sessions that will elevate your skills and transform the way you utilize BookVisit. We look forward to having you join us on this educational journey!