Skepparholmen Nacka

Booking Engine - Channel Manager

The Solution

Skepparholmen sought a comprehensive solution to streamline our booking processes, encompassing room reservations and the booking of package deals for accommodations and museum admissions.

After thorough evaluation, we decided to implement the BookVisit Booking Engine alongside a Channel Manager. This strategic choice allowed us to centralize our booking management, simplifying our operations and optimizing our efficiency.

  • Online Booking
  • Channel Manager

BookVisit was the obvious choice for us when we needed to update our online booking system. The choice has proven to be very good. The system is user-friendly from a facility perspective, and customers clearly find it convenient to book. For us, it means that we now have a share of online bookings through our own channel, which is excellent. In addition, we perceive BookVisit as very accommodating and professional when we need support. The fact that they continuously develop the product is, of course, a significant advantage as well.

Klas FellsSales Manager