Högbo Brukshotell

Booking Engine - Channel Manager

The Outcome

Högbo Brukshotell stands as a remarkable testament to the boundless possibilities that BookVisit offers to our esteemed partners. Högbo Brukshotell uses of BookVisit exemplifies the transformative impact of innovative packaging solutions.

By actively engaging with multiple features within BookVisit, Högsbo Brukshotell has redefined guest experiences through thoughtfully curated packages. Their creative use of our platform showcases the power of personalized offers, seamlessly integrating accommodation with spa treatments and dining experiences This strategic approach not only captures guest interest but also maximizes revenue opportunities.

  • Booking Engine
  • Channel Manager

User friendly platform to handle sales on our website and connect to all online channels. It´s easy and quick to create campaigns and discounts. The friendliest and solution minded support I´ve ever worked with. They are envolving the product continously and are open minded to new ideas.

Siri BrevikTotal Revenue Manager, Winn Hotel Group