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Vacation Rental

Whether you own cabins or manage them, BookVisit simplifies online sales. Guests can check dates and location on a map, while you manage calendars effortlessly with BookVisit.

In the background you can get a glimpse of the fabulous Hemavans Fjällcenter.
Destination Hotels & Resorts

We give you a world class Booking Engine

If you provide an experience rather than just a bed for the night, BookVisit is the booking platform for your hotel. With BookVisit, your guests can enjoy a customized online booking experience, enabling them to tailor their stay to their unique preferences.

Easy to use, cloud-based, and an awesome support team to guide you all the way. Meet the commerce platform that has become a must-have in the industry.

  • Booking Engine
  • Channel Manager
  • Front Desk

Discover a World-Class Open Commerce platform.

Your number one Sales tool

The ultimate control center

Customized to fit your business

Communicate with your guests

The modern guest is in need of a personalized experience
  • Create secret URLs for promotional purposes and keep track of reports with the Google Analytics connection.
  • Promote your property on TripAdvisor and Google Hotel Price Ads. With BookVisit you can be displayed in Google´s ads network for accommodation providers, like Google, Google Maps, and Google Hotel Finder.
  • Automated post-stay e-mail can be a powerful tool for engagement, particularly when it comes to leaving reviews.
  • With BookVisits’ Reputation Management module, you can easily manage reviews from all external channels. Keep track of your competitors, on one single dashboard.
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Happie Camp

When we hired Bookvisit, we were just a single facility, but now we have evolved into a franchise chain. It has been reassuring and a great opportunity to have had BookVisit with us on this journey.

– Beatrice Sandberg / Marknad

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