Vadstena Klosterhotel

“We’ve been satisfied with BookVisit all the way”
- Matilda Milton, CEO, Vadstena Klosterhotel

About  Vadstena Klosterhotel

Vadstena Klosterhotel is a family-run hotel that has been operating since 1985. The hotel is located in some of Sweden’s oldest secular buildings, which have a rich history of serving as a royal palace and a monastery. The hotel offers 83 unique rooms spread across 13 different buildings, each with its own style.

The Challenge

In 2012, Vadstena Klosterhotel faced an issue when their website unexpectedly crashed during the peak summer season. They were in urgent need of getting an online booking system up and running and knew the Bookvisit solution through the Citybreak solution.

The Solution

Due to the urgent situation that Vadstena Klosterhotel was facing BookVisit was implemented at quite a fast pace, but successfully. They set up the BookVisit booking engine, gift card module, channel manager as well as connected their payment system (Nets) and property management system (Jupiter).

To make the implementation process as smooth as possible the BookVisit team was there to support and train Vadstena Klosterhotel, both on location and in a digital format. After a close implementation process, BookVisit was up and running, and bookings started coming in.

Check out Vadstena Klosterhotel’s online booking in action above.

Results & Success  Factors


Better sales and statistics management

Vadstena Klosterhotel is with BookVisit managing prices, packages, and products easily, and they can track bookings and sales with detailed statistics.

User-friendly system

The system is user-friendly, both on computers and mobile devices, making it convenient for everyone involved – both for bookers and employees.

“Bookvisit’s system is incredibly easy to use. Setting prices, staying updated, and managing packages and additional products are all straightforward. It’s the easiest system we’ve ever worked with.”

— Matilda Milton, CEO, Vadstena Klosterhotel.


Continuous product development

Vadstena Klosterhotel values the continuous development of BookVisit and says that the product has just gotten better and better. Matilda mentions that she appreciates how they can request features directly, and their feedback is carefully considered.

Conference management

Both small and large conference bookings, previously managed through third-party platforms, can now easily be booked directly via Vadstena Klosterhotel’s own website using their conference module.

Simplified operations

All Vadstena Klosterhotel’s bookings were integrated into BookVisit and are managed within one system. This reduces errors such as doublebookings and streamlines operational management, making it easier and more efficient.

Close and long-term relationship

BookVisit’s approach to client relationships ensures they understand and meet the needs of Vadstena Klosterhotel.

“You know how we work as clients, what we need, and you develop, launch, and deliver new updates to us and let us know what we should consider to boost our sales,” says Matilda Milton.

Matilda Milton stresses the importance of long-term relationships with service providers. BookVisit has for Vadstena Klosterhotel proven to be a reliable partner, offering consistent support and the ability to influence product development.

“We’ve been satisfied with BookVisit all the way”

Matilda MiltonCEO, Vadstena Klosterhotel

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