Liseberg Hotell Grand Curiosa

Booking Engine - Channel Manager

The Solution

Liseberg sought an integrated solution to streamline room reservations and enable the booking of package deals, encompassing accommodations and other offerings.

Their chosen solution was the BookVisit Booking Engine, in tandem with a Channel Manager. This combination allowed us to centralize our booking operations, providing a comprehensive platform to manage all reservations efficiently. Additionally, we leveraged BookVisit's campaign management features and personalized booking links to enhance our marketing efforts, resulting in improved sales and a seamless booking experience for our guests.

  • Booking Engine
  • Channel Manager

It is a simple and user-friendly booking distribution, and marketing platform. We have dramatically increase our sales on the website and reduced the numer of externa booking with campaigns and personal booking links in BookVisit.

Sandie NihlmarRevenue Manager, Liseberg